Tungsten Rhenium Alloy | AMERICAN ELEMENTS In its elemental form rhenium has a silvery-white appearance Rhenium is the fourth densest element exceeded only by platinum iridium and osmium Rhenium's high melting point is exceeded only by those of tungsten and carbon Rhenium is found in small amounts in gadolinite and molybdenite Tungsten disulfide is an inorganic chemical compound composed of tungsten and sulfur with the chemical formula WS 2 This compound is part of the group of materials called the transition metal dichalcogenides It occurs naturally as the rare mineral tungstenite This material is a component of certain catalysts used for hydrodesulfurization and hydrodenitrification

What is Tungsten Used for?

tungsten disulfide is a dry high-temperature lubricant stable to 500C tungsten bronzes and other tungsten compounds are used in paints TV tubes (electron tubes) X-ray targets Additional Tungsten Resources: More Information on Tungsten Detailed History: Tungsten Tungsten Wire Tungsten Products

Pure tungsten powder can be made into processed materials such as wire rod tube plate and products of a certain shape Tungsten powder is mixed with other metal powders to make various tungsten alloys such as tungsten molybdenum alloy tungsten rhenium alloy tungsten copper alloy and high-density tungsten alloy

Molybdenum does not occur free in nature it is usually found in molybdenite ore MoS 2 and wulfenite ore PbMoO 4 Molybdenum is also recovered as a by-product of copper and tungsten mining It is a silvery-white metal of the chromium group It is very hard and tough but it is softer and more ductile than tungsten It has a high elastic modulus

Application Notes - X-Ray Generators Common X-ray Tube Failure Modes The electron beam in an X-ray tube is supplied by a tungsten filament which has been used since the inception of electron tubes and also in incandescent light bulbs Lanthanum and Cerium hexaboride thorium and rhenium doped tungsten

Tungsten Disulfide Industrial Applications As tungsten disulfide is known to be a highly efficient lubricant it is generally used in applications where there are requirements for large load carrying friction coefficiency and endurance WS2 tungsten disulfide has been used for a number of applications in aerospace automotive and military

Molybdenum and Rhenium Compounds

For over 27 years AAA Molybdenum Products has supplied industry with a variety of Molybdenum and Rhenium compounds Our partnership with Powmet Inc located in Rockford Il increases our product offerings and knowledge base to other metals such as Vanadium Chromium and Tungsten

Manufacturer of rhenium tungsten molybdenum rhenium compound Established in 2014 Employees Total: 11 - 50 rhenium powder with the purity of 99 99% to 99 999% and the average particle size can be controlled within 1~2 m This technique not only fills the gap in China but also played an important role

Descriptions of Molybdenum Disulfide Molybdenum Disulfide is dry/solid lubricant powder also known as the molybdenite (principal ore from which molybdenum metal is extracted) and has the chemical formula MoS2 MoS2 is made using flotation processes and is the product of thermal treatment of molybdenum compounds with hydrogen sulfide or sulfur

H Cross Company is the leading specialty metal rolling manufacturer of precision ribbons sheets foils and strips of tungsten and tungsten-base alloys It also supplies wire rod and tubing H Cross Company sells no product from stock all its products are made to your exact specifications History of Tungsten and Tungsten Alloys The word "tungsten" is

This work was aimed at studying the tribological properties of nanolamellar tungsten and molybdenum disulfides produced from nanosized W and Mo nanopowders by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis The prepared WS 2 and MoS 2 powders were examined by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) X-ray diffraction (XRD) and differential thermal analysis (DTA)

Lutetium Hafnium Tantalum Tungsten Rhenium Osmium Iridium Platinum Gold C lubricant additive glass C antidepressant Ar 6 94 Li Beryllium 4 E x-ray tube window M aircraft brakes M golf clubs M (watch) spring M spark-free tools Ar 9 01 Be Sodium 11

Tungsten's many alloys have numerous applications including incandescent light bulb filaments X-ray tubes (as both the filament and target) electrodes in gas tungsten arc welding superalloys and radiation shielding Tungsten's hardness and high density give it military applications in penetrating projectiles

When threading the thread depth should not be more than 50 to 60 percent because molybdenum tends to chip Molybdenum can be rolled treaded The molybdenum material and the die should be heated to approximately 325 degrees F Molybdenum can be heated to 325 degrees F in air without the danger of oxidation

Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) Low Friction Coating per

Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) is a low friction dry lubricant coating that improves performance and service life better than other dry lubricants by reducing friction noise improving mold release and solving problems of excessive wear seizing galling and fretting

Other important tungsten compounds are calcium and magnesium tungstates which are used in fluorescent lighting and tungsten disulfide which is used as a high-temperature lubricant at temperatures up to 500 deg C Tungsten compounds also find uses in the chemical paint and tanning industries Bibliography References:

One of the most distinctive features of tungsten disulfide (WS 2) is its performance as a lubricant even under harsh conditions (e g high temperature and high pressure) Its coefficient of friction (CoF) of 0 03 is nearly unmatched Depending on the techniques used in its preparation exfoliated 2D WS 2 layers have three crystal phases: octahedral (1T) and hexagonal (2H and

Descriptions of Molybdenum Disulfide Molybdenum Disulfide is dry/solid lubricant powder also known as the molybdenite (principal ore from which molybdenum metal is extracted) and has the chemical formula MoS2 MoS2 is made using flotation processes and is the product of thermal treatment of molybdenum compounds with hydrogen sulfide or sulfur

Rhenium Alloys Inc supplier of rhenium alloys moly-rhenium alloys tungsten alloys copper allo rhenium alloys inc is a leading manufacturer of refractory metals and specialty fabricated products including the custom fabrication of rhenium moly-rhenium copper tungsten

Molybdenum is a chemical element with the symbol Mo and atomic number 42 The name is from Neo-Latin molybdaenum from Ancient Greek Μόλυβδος molybdos meaning lead since its ores were confused with lead ores Molybdenum minerals have been known throughout history but the element was discovered (in the sense of differentiating it as a new entity from the

Tungsten Heavy Alloy materials are relatively easy to machine and have similar engineering properties to steel These alloys can be bored cut drilled ground joined milled plated sawed tapped turned waterjet cut both wire and sinker EDM can also be performed

Tungsten carbide base hard alloy is generally can be divided into four types such as tungsten carbide - cobalt - tungsten carbide titanium carbide - cobalt - tungsten carbide titanium carbide tantalum carbide - cobalt and steel bonded hard alloy the tungsten carbide base hard alloy is mainly used in the manufacture of cutting tools mining tools and wire drawing dies etc