Various types of floor coverings and their advantages

There are quite a lot of floor coverings in markets. They vary from design, price, size, and pattern. These floor coverings have some various advantages. If you love floor coverings, you need to be informed of the advantages and disadvantages of these floors. This blog is your perfect match if you want to know about various types of floor coverings and their advantages.

Bamboo flooring
Bamboo flooring has become one of the most popular new flooring styles. Bamboo is natural product so the floors made from bamboo will give your home a natural atmosphere. It is very stylish and unique. The easy maintenance design, affordability, durability of this flooring are making its use widespread. Among the South Africans, the use of bamboo floors is very high.

1. Bamboo floor is Cost effective2. It’s very Easy to maintain
3. Its Durability is long
4. Ecologically friendly is another advantage of bamboo floor
5. Trouble-free and easy to install
6. Bamboo flooring is Smart and unique and stylish

Carpet flooring
Carpet flooring has become a luxurious thing among the trendy floor lovers. Carpets give a room a classy look and enhance its smartness. There are various kinds of carpets in markets. Some are too much pricy and some are reasonable. The price of carpets depends mainly on its size, pattern and condition. American and Chinese carpets are very good.

1. Carpets Provide Warmth and Comfort
2. It adds Beauty and Style
3. It improves Indoor Air Quality
4. Maintenance of carpets is not tough
5. It provides softness

Cork flooring
As people begin to accepting cork flooring for their home because of its look, feel, and durability, it has become easily available in markets. From the bark of cork oak trees, the main products of cork flooring is collected and made. Portugal, Spain, and Tunisia are the major suppliers of these products.

1. The durability of cork flooring is high
2. Cork floor is healthy as it is made by natural products
3. It gives comfort and soothe
4. It is cost-effective
5. Cork flooring is aesthetically versatile

Hardwood flooring
Hardwood or wood flooring is both a stylish and elegant flooring covering. People love to have hardwood flooring because it’s naturally friendly. It creates a woody smell which will attract everyone. Customers who love luxury normally buy it to give their homes a classy look.
1. Hardwood flooring is very strong and durable
2. Hardwood flooring presents a broad variety of appearances
3. It is very easy to maintain and care for
4. It gives high quality look and appearance
5. Hardwood flooring helps to provide a natural smell
Laminate flooring

laminate flooring has gained popularity in recent times. It is a very new and hot trend among floor lovers. Its rapid popularity is due to the huge number of benefits that it has compared to other floors. One integral benefit is that it protects your floors from harm. Most people usually laminate their hardwood and cork floors for improved performance.


1 Laminate flooring is very cost effective
2. Laminate flooring is durable & scratch resistant
3. It is good and convenient for health
4. Vary easy to maintain and install
5. Laminate flooring over the hardwood saves it from deleterious sun rays and burns