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About Cape Town & Durban Flooring

Cape Town & Durban Flooring is a renowned and flourishing flooring company in South Africa. Our company has been operating its business efficiently for more than 20 years. With heavy success and popularity, we provide some astonishing flooring services to our beloved customers. When the people of South Africa dreamt of having a high-performing flooring company, we started our business to fulfill their dream. Giving an apartment classy and elegant look by installing tiles and carpets is our motto. Cherishing this motto in our heart, we are going forward without having any obstacle and hindrance.

The first thing everyone one wants to know about a company is the services that it offers to its customers. As a professional flooring company, we provide flooring services such as wood flooring, ceramic flooring, stone flooring, bamboo flooring and carpeting. We collect the most durable and stylish floors elements for our beloved customers because we believe that without providing number 1 floor details we can not be flourished. We can also replacing your broken tiles and clean your carpets. Perfection in services is critical for a company. Regarding keeping buildings clean while providing, service, we try our level best.

Want to know about our servicemen? In a word what I can say about them is they are highly proficient.  We have the most talented and skilled servicemen. Our trained servicemen are perfect for all kinds of flooring job. We collected some good and skilled servicemen and made a  great deal them. Our workmen are very frankly and friendly. You can Call us to hire our excellent workmen at any time

We dream that we will be the best flooring company in South Africa one day. Love and affection of our clients bring us in this position. We are very grateful to them that’s why we are giving them our level best assist and providing our best services at a low rate. Stay with us always.

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